April 2001 Edition

Ideas, Comments and Suggestions

Below are some of the ideas, comments and suggestions that I received concerning the last issue of the Newsletter. I will attempt to make them a part of all future Newsletters. This is your Newsletter and I will do whatever you want to make it something you want to receive.


From: John W. Hoberg (61): jhoberg@columbus.rr.com


A suggestion. For instance in the article by Coach Cannon. It would be great if you could put in the e-mail of everyone mentioned in the articles if you have them and they authorize

it. Then, when you bring up the newsletter, you can click their e-mail and talk immediately. Like, I hadn't even thought of John Billington since 1958. I'm glad he's around and playing golf. He was a really good science teacher.


Copies of other emails received are shown below and although they are addressed to me I can’t take the credit for this Newsletter. You are the ones that make it what it is. It is your articles, lists, stories etc… that bring back all those great memories of Bushy Park and the friends we made while there. All I did was to put them together and send them

to you. You are the ones who deserve the credit and I applaud you. These are your emails.



From: Harlan Frymire (60) Frysline@aol.com


I'm a little unclear from the address headers as to who actually created that newsletter masterpiece. Thank you. It was easily downloaded by this amateur and I look forward to additional commentary in future such publications.


From: Dean Scott



Loved the newsletter...keep them coming, hope to see all of you at reunion time...I loved the article by Coach Cannon...you may remember, I played on the basketball team for him and Bushy Park...I remember, he always hated my

sideburns...but I always liked and respected him...I played 58-59.....be sure and say hello from me to Coach Cannon, and thanks so much for the newsletter.....W.D. Dean Foelsing


From: Chuck Stewart (58) cstewart@iserv.net

Hi Gary......what a great addition to my Life. Your newsletter was wonderful and I enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for all your hard work. I look forward to the next issue with great anticipation.


From: Jim Baker (57) jimglo@compuvision.net

Superb job!! Thanks for the effort. I'll look forward to news about the Class of '57. Glad to see that Celeste is our representative. Always did like her. Keep in touch...Jim Baker


From: Bob McClelland (58)

What a fantastic thing, Gary's newsletter. What an outstanding job. Those memories are so enjoyable to relive, and to know how others are and what they are doing in their lives is wonderful. Pat, you and Gary and all the others who are involved in finding everyone and keeping everyone connected, there is just no way to thank you enough. God Bless all of you. I'll be looking forward to the next issue. Thanks again.


From: Rev. Aaron S. Peters, O.S.B (57)


You've hit the jackpot. It looks good, reads good and is good! I think everyone will like it and will do their best to have some input. Thanks for all your work and interest in all this and the web site too!!

You might want to add Martha Gail Kelly to the list. She taught Art at Bushy for I don't know how many years and still lives in

London with her family. Her email is: martha.kelly@virgin.net

Fr. Aaron S. Peters, OSB (57)


Class Representatives

These are the ones who have volunteered so far:

1953 - Jackie Brown (Kenny)



1954 - Betsy Neff Cote


1955 - Nancie Anderson Weber



1957 - Celeste Plitouke Brodigan



1958 - Pat Terpening Owen

1960 - Ren Briggs



That leaves ’56, ’59, ’61 and ’62 classes without a representative - any one want to take care of your class?


Where are they?

Jo (Emma Jo) Barrett, Class of '61, who attended Bushy Park 1957-58, first as a dorm student from Bentwaters, and later from 1958-59 as a "Townee", because her Dad was reassigned to South Ruislip. She's suspected of becoming a nurse, who married a doctor, somewhere around 1962-63, possibly in San Francisco.


David (Joseph David) Smith! He roomed with Roy Mase (now deceased) and Tom Breitbarth in 1958-59; the following year attended Lakenheath (59-60); then rotated back to the States in 60-61 to Shreveport, LA.

Diane (Lathrop) Zumwalt asks: I wonder what happened to my old roommate, Shirley Hall, (a cute little redhead from Alabama) and my old friends, Rosemary (Ray) Doyle, Linda (Kay) Clark and Shirley Penney. We had some real fun times in the dorm behind the boy's dorm.

In this issue we are looking for those we have not found from the Class of 54. Some of these may have been found and we don’t know if it yet. If you do please let us know.

Roberta Adeska Deonne Allegier

Rosa Theress Arns Robert Barton

Virginia Beard Clarence Cain

Diane Calderwood Jerry Chisolm

Geradine Clem Miles Connor

Barbara Devaughn Helen Flatters

Karen Fricke James Godeve

Barbara Grinnell Carol Hall

Fred Hart Judith Ann Hearn

Barbara Hodgeman Ginger Ann Ireland

Richard Jackson Louise Jordon

Gail Lemmon Giles Edward London

Diane Miller Ray (Mike) Harper

William Robbins Leroy Rogers

Mike Salmon Janice Staples

William Stone Betty Sullivan

Diane Tiffany Edwin Toone

Margaret Yvonne Wright


How Things Change

From: Carol Mabile Pellissier (58)


Dear editor of Bushy Tales,

A great title and issue # one. The format is clean, attractive and appealing, the articles interesting.

My husband and I were in London in January of this year. Perhaps what I discovered at Bushy Park is old news to those who have kept in touch or attended England reunions, but I am new to this community.

I was not entirely surprised but greatly disappointed to see that all evidence of the buildings were gone that had made up Central High 43 years ago. We looked along Sandy Lane, Teddington, between Teddington Gate and Sandy Lane Gate. We found only a flagpole flying the British Flag and a plaque that read:


"USAAF Memorial.

In 1944 General Eisenhower moved the Headquarters of SHAEF to Bushy Park. From here he planned operation OVERLORD, the D-Day Invasion of Normandy."

The opening in the wall that permitted motor couch access was sealed over. There is now an extremely busy motor road that cuts through the heart of the park roughly from Teddington R.R. station to Hampton Court Palace. The R.R. station looked pretty much as I remembered it. Unlike the peaceful park of the fifties that could be seen from windows in the women's dorm, Thames Hall, Bushy Park is now crisscrossed with exercise paths, busy with walkers and their dogs and dotted with children's playgrounds. The beautiful deer are still hanging on in this crowded space.

I do not have a scanner for our Mac but do have a few CHS, Bushy Park photos that may be of interest if there is an alternative way to send you copies. I appreciated greatly the faith exhibited in your column "Transferred to the Eternal Duty Station"! Thank you for everything.



Facility Update

Here are email addresses for the members of the Facility that we have found. We have found others but do not have email addresses for them.

John and Doris Billington



Grover (Coach) Cannon



Martha Gail Kelley



Florence Leigh



Wallace Threlkeld



Memories of Bushy

From: Betsy (Schley) Slepetz (61)


Remembering Bushy Park 58 - 59

After reading the first Bushy Park newsletter, which was GREAT, I became inspired to brush the mold off my Vapor Trails and try to reminisce just a bit.

I was a seven day dorm student my sophomore year at Bushy. My father was a naval officer stationed with NATO in Oslo, Norway. There were about twelve to fifteen of us from Norway.

Oh the memories! I was in a room located on the last wing and my roommate was Mary Pace (who I am trying to find). We could look out through a high fence and see bits and pieces of Hampton Court. I will never forget some of the dorm supervisors. Of course Miss Gallagher, the head supervisor will always be implanted in my mind. We weekenders used to play some nasty tricks on her and she would become absolutely furious. Then there were the two McDermott sisters from Scotland who were dears. One of them used to let me come in her room to smoke and had quite a collection of wine bottles under her bed (mostly empty). Also Miss Gardner who was very sweet used to ask me to cut her hair.


To help from feeling homesick on the weekends, most Saturday mornings we would catch a shuttle to South Ruislup. A good part of the day was spent eating hamburgers, french fries and shakes. Occasionally we would get passes and walk to Kingston and take in a movie. A lot of time was also spent in the long lounge socializing on the weekends. Whenever a father from Norway came to England on business it was a custom to take all the kids from Norway out to dinner to the Columbia Club. Once we went for dinner and a black fog rolled in leaving us stranded for a couple of days. Remember the good old "AFEX" with such outstanding food? I think we all lost weight that year.


Thanks to the Internet I have found two really good friends and stay in touch now on a regular basis. They are Mara Southern and Speedy Thomas. I hope as we grow more classmates will be found. It’s really wonderful that we cared enough for Bushy (our home away from home) and each other to bring back very fond memories. Please do not hesitate to e-mail me if you want to.


From: Jackie (Brown) Kenny (53)



Hi, this is Jackie Brown (Kenny) Class of '53. Loved your Newsletter. Some things I remember. I sailed to England on the S.S. Washington, with Pete and Diane Garrison. I graduated with Pete. Angela May sang like an angel. She was in the same dorm as I. Her favorite song was Love Letters Straight From the Heart, when she sang, we

cried. I think we were going through some first loves at the time. Anne Webber was part of the gang that painted a beard and freckles on Adeladie (the pub) across from St. Mary's. She was quite a picture. Of course we did it in washable paint. We cleaned the ole girl up in the morning. Such

fun. We also climbed the fence and hoisted unmentionables on the flagpole at Bushy Park.

I am in touch with Diane Calderwood, class of '54. She was my maid of honor when I was married. She is now a physical therapist in New London, NH. I have also seen Sherry Gregory class of '53 in the past few years. I will make her aware of your Newsletter and know that she will be

enthused. Anything I can do to make this a successful venture, please email me.

I would love a reunion. It would be nice if we could combine it with a few years of the 50's classes. As we were so small in size we knew almost everyone in the school. I guess you saw the pictures that I sent to Wanda

DeVary some time ago and she had them on the website. I am so glad that I saved them and I recently located my yearbook. It was in my daughter's attic, on L.I. New York.

I would love to communicate with Anne Webber directly. Give her my website, perhaps we can share more memories.


From Richard Schroeder (55): SSchroe273@aol.com

I remember Angelia May and she was a very good looking, but quiet and demur, blonde. She was in Mrs. Harris's art class with me. In fact, one of the reasons that I remember her so well is that I was fooling around one day as we were doing water color (tempera) paintings and knocked a glass of brushing-cleaning water over and it ran onto Angelia's painting. Mrs. Harris snatched up the picture and LICKED the water off to keep it from ruining Angelia's work. Then she (Mrs. Harris) picked up Angelia's brush cleaning

water and threw it into my face for almost ruining Angelia's painting.

Needless to say, Angelia was not too anxious to be associated with me in any manner especially romantically. I think she was glad when school was over and she could take something that I wasn't taking.


From Mariann (Walton) McCornack (53): MarGenMc@aol.com

My big news is that through your mail list I have been reunited with the '53 class valedictorian, Anne Marie Jones (Weber).

After all these years she still remembered the infamous night all the girls at St. Mary's

Dorm got drunk and I was the only one who did not join in. She apologized to me for being part of the crowd that tried to get me to drink and had more wonderful, kind words to say to me. It made my day to receive her e-mail. I recently found a copy of the Collier's magazine article about

Military kids in school in Germany and Bushy Park quoting Anne Marie and me. It had pictures of a group of our kids. Have others saved that article? Thanks for your effort to keep us in touch.


From Walter Hunt (56):



Just before Christmas in 1952 a few of us from school square-danced at the Festival of Nations at Royal Albert Hall. I was one, and it was thrilling. The audience stretched all the way up to the stars. We kept losing

concentration on the dances while we searched the Royal Box for famous faces.

Also, did you know the only way you could be a "true" Londoner is if you can say "Trafalgar" backwards? Was that popular when you were there? I quite enjoyed that single semester. The flood of memories has never gone away--they're with me constantly.

Bob Lyle was there. Didn't he play on the basketball team? Wasn't he class president? Do you know how Dusty Bowers died? Was it Viet Nam? Did he go through West Point? I think Harp Keeler didn't come back from Nam. Sad. I have a picture in my office of Dusty and me standing in front of Hyde Park.


Look Who We Found

The following are recent finds and have been added to the roster I keep. As you can see we have found several members of the 53 class that were listed as missing in the last Newsletter, as well as some others.


Harold Granata (53) - 1061 Galleon Drive, Naples, FL 34102-7705 ( 941) 263.4688


Ann Jones Weber (53) - 18400 Pataha Creek Road, Walton, OR 97490-9709

(541) 935.3151 WEBERANNE@msn.com


Georgia Talbot Cameron (53) - 563 Navarre Drive, Stone Mountain, GA 30087



Jacqueline Brown Kenney (53) - 5827 Garden Lakes Drive, Bradenton, FL 34203-7259 (941)758.6023 JKYKNY@aol.com


Patricia Piety (53) - lives somewhere in Minnesota per brother John (John would

never tell me exactly where she lives).


Edie Wingate, '56 - 7716 Hackamore Drive Potomac, MD (301) 299-9445




Deep Dark Secrets of Bushy

From Diane (Lathrop) Zumwalt (56):

I remember the night that the senior girls were going to "initiate" us lowly freshmen (before they moved the freshman girls to the dorm in Surbiton). At any rate, the idea was to throw us into tubs of ice-cold water. When they came to get me, one of my roommates (a beautiful blonde sophomore named Angela May) was trying to sleep and she did not care at all for the noisy ruckus. She told the gang to get out of "her" room and leave us all alone. When they didn't move fast enough, she took a pistol out from under the pillow and let them know she meant BUSINESS! Boy, they moved! Later, the highly shocked English "house mother" confiscated Angela's gun (which

belonged to her father). I will never forget that night!


Classmates Who Have Transferred To The Eternal Duty Station

Our love and prayers go out to the family and friends of our classmates who have gone on before us. We will miss them, yet we can find comfort in knowing that one-day we will all join them for the greatest of all reunions.


Celia Johnnson (53)- deceased - auto accident per husband


Roy Mase He died in 1982 (stomach cancer) while on active duty as an Air Force Captain. Roy was a West Point graduate.


Barbara Bowman (53) Her uncle and aunt (Gen. (ret.) & Mrs. Julian Bowman of Alexandria, LA gave me this info last year; couldn't remember what year she died but she died in San Antonio leaving two grown

daughters. I don't think her pic was in the annual at all because she, too, left at mid-term.


Garth Martin Westcott (62)

From Pat Terpening Owen (58):

Several years ago I went to the Vietnam Wall on the internet, and think I was primarily looking for Class of 58 then, and I didn't find anyone I could positively identify as having been in that class on the Wall.

The only one I found (and this info was given to me, so can't verify) that even came close was Garth Martin Westcott (62), who someone told Wanda had died in action in Vietnam. I couldn't find him on the wall, but did (in the Social Security Death Records) find that someone with that name had died in June 1981. It could be that he died of wounds or PTSD sustained while in

Vietnam, but again can't prove anything. Maybe someone in Class of 1962 might know.


Reunion News

There's a reunion planned in Biloxi, MS, next year, in January or February, for everyone and anyone interested, but this group (mostly 59-62 grads) evolved from a very small group of 12 who did not make the big all-class reunion in Atlanta, July 99, and who gathered in Las Vegas in February 2000. In February 2001 they doubled (24 in number) and gathered in Shreveport, LA; already we're expecting between 50-55 in Biloxi next year


A Mini Reunion

From Billie (Culp) Bules (54)

In Sept. of 2000 Joyce (Ford) Williams of 1955 came to visit me in Phoenix. After searching for many years, finally with the help of Nancie (Anderson) Weber, we located Joyce, much to my delight. When Joyce called me the first time, she said, "Billie, this is Binky". I was so happy to have found her, after 45 years, we both cried. Many emails followed with plans to get together. When I picked Joyce up at the airport we knew each other immediately and more tears flowed. We had a wonderful visit with promises of many more. She and I had been best friends at Bushy Park in late 1953 thru 1954, since meeting on the SS United States on the trip over to England. Friendships like ours are so precious.



Email and Address Changes

Some of these you may already have. In the next Newsletter this list should not be so long as we will only list the changes that have taken place in the last month.


1953 Class

Harold Baldwin - Halb@tenet.edu - NOT GOOD

Flint Garrison - FLINT3RD@aol.com - new


1954 Class

Chuck Clemens - CCLEM68802@aol.com NEW

Gemma Gamble - do not send any newsletters or e-mails until further notice -

She'll be away for a while.

Raymond Harper - harpr@zianet.com is good - penn1@zianet.com is NOT GOOD

Rob Lyle - have 2 e-mails robvlyle@cs.com and Tpislee@aol.com

Donald Miller - DonaldM@erols - NOT GOOD


1955 Class

Fred Bidgood - FcBidgood@juno.com - NEW

Karen Harvey - Karen_Petroni@interact.ccsd.net

Alice Jackson - Dyf12224@newnorth.net - after the f it's a #1 and not a letter l as in "lincoln"

Victor Nielsen - Nielvg@aol.com

Jonathan Searles - Jsear36243@aol.com -

Joy Sickler - JoyWard2@aol.com

1956 Class

Judy Blakeney - teddiesgrand@aol.com

Glenda Fuller - gfdrake@swbell.net

Frank Kirby - Kirbyfranke@aol.com

Diane Lathrop - dzumwalt@kscable.com

Ron Miller - randb38@msn.com - NEW

Kenton Pattie - KentonP1@aol.com (#1 and not letter l as in "lincoln) is GOOD

Bill Rumble - gfgventu@packbell.net

Alice Wheeler (married name WILSON)




1957 Class

Larry Diehl - Gkauthen@aol.com - NOT GOOD

Bill Grable Rees - brees01@home.com

Sandra Kirby - bjacinto@bellatlantic.net

Edward Klohe - neither e-mail address good

Marshall Kremers - kremers@hargray.com NEW

Dave Mangold - Dmangold27@yahoo.com GOOD

James Searles - Jsear362@aol.com - NOT GOOD

John Soule - Soule4@home.com - NEW

Richard Stillwagon Stlwgn@mindspring.com - NOT GOOD

The list is too long and is taking up too much space so I will put the changes for the ’58, ’59, ’60, ’61, and ’62 classes in the next issue.


Good News We Would Like To Share

From: Russ Haggerty (62)

One fascinating aside. Norman 'Happy' Chalmers (61) made a date with an English girl and didn't have the money to take her out. I took her out - that was/is Bridget - we've been married for 37 years. Neat huh?


Travel Plans

From Patricia Terpening Owen (58)

Pat Terpening Owen (58) and her husband, John, will be traveling to Logan, UT in early May to help their daughter, Susan and her family celebrate her graduation from Utah State University.

Then they will travel on to Northern

California (Santa Rosa area) to visit with Pat's father and down to Southern California (Orange County area) to see John's sister and her family. If there's anyone out there who's near these areas, let Pat know at


nemoamasa@worldnet.att.net and we'll see if we can meet and talk over some

old times.


Mini Bios.


From John and Doris Billington (Facility)


We left England in 59 and followed the Threlkelds to Casablanca, Morocco.

After two years in Casablanca we moved to Izmir, Turkey for the next three years. We left Turkey for a very long stay of 26 years in Germany. We spent our Germany years in Wiesbaden, Mainz and Kaiserslautern. We finally finished the last three years of our commitment with the DOD schools in

Japan. All together we spent over 40 years with DOD and now are located in Sun City, AZ. In early June we will return to Germany where we have a granddaughter graduating from DODDS after which we will return to the Black Hills of South Dakota for the summer. We are still official residents of South Dakota. We live in Spearfish Canyon and should you pass through that area during the summer months, you should give us a call so we could have a visit.


I lost all of my email correspondence from former students because of a computer crash. I had intended to answer many students but the computer crash has rendered me helpless to give an intelligent answer. For any student not getting an answer from the Billingtons, please resend your email to me. I certainly need to be forgiven by those students I have failed to answer.


This and That

From Walt Hunt (56):

Walt Hunt reviewed "Military Brats" a book written by Mary Wertsch. Anyone interested can read his review at the following address:



From Pat (Harmon) Sweeten (62):


Hi, received your letter and forgot to notify anyone that I changed Internet service. As you can see, my address is: psweeten@msn.com


A Little Humor


I received this (won’t tell you from whom) and thought it was cute. Hope it does not offend anyone - if it does I apologize.

An American soldier, serving in World War II, had just returned from several weeks of intense action on the German front lines. He had finally been granted R&R and had made it to Southampton, England, to board a train bound for London.

The train was very crowded, so the soldier walked the length of the train, looking for an empty seat. The only unoccupied seat was directly adjacent to a well-dressed middle-aged lady and was being used by her little dog.

The war-weary soldier asked, "Please, ma'am, may I sit in that seat?"

The English woman looked down her nose at the soldier, sniffed and said, "You Americans. You are such a rude class of people. Can't you see my little Fifi is using that seat?"

The soldier walked away, determined to find a place to rest, but after another trip down to the end of the train, found himself again
facing the woman with the dog.

Again he asked, "Please, lady. May I sit there? I'm very tired."

The English woman wrinkled her nose and snorted, "You Americans! Not only are you rude, you are also arrogant. Imagine!"

The soldier leaned against the swaying wall of the train and again asked if he might please sit down.

The lady said, "Not only are you Americans rude and arrogant, you're also very inconsiderate."

The soldier didn't say anything else; he leaned over, picked up the little dog, tossed it out the window of the train and sat down in the empty seat.

The woman shrieked and railed, and demanded that someone defend her and chastises the soldier.

An English gentleman sitting across the aisle spoke up, "You know, sir, you Americans do seem to have a penchant for doing the wrong thing. You eat holding the fork in the wrong hand. You drive your autos on the wrong side of the road. And now, sir, you've thrown the wrong bitch out of the window."




Editors Note

The last issue was a success from the emails I received from you are any indication. However a couple of you had a problem opening it in the format I sent it in. I had anticipated that might happen so I also saved it (and will do the same thing with all of them) in Word 6 and as a PDF file for those of you who have Acrobat Reader. If any of you have a problem with the way I send it out just send me an email and request a copy in one of the other formats.

Ok - now it is your turn. I need to hear from you with something for the next issue.


If you sent me something for the Newsletter and you don’t see it in this issue don’t be disappointed. This issue was getting so big I had to cut it off without using all I had received. Watch the next issue for your article, but don’t let that stop you from sending in something else. We want to hear from all of you and what you send will be published in some issue.

Don’t’ forget to check the Guest Book on the Bushy Park web site at:




If any of you know some of your classmates that have email address and are not receiving the newsletter please let me know. I will add them to the Group list BUT, if

they want to be on the list they will not only get the newsletter, they will also get everything else I send out to the Group. If they don’t want to get all the other stuff the only suggestion I have is that you email them the newsletter yourself.



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