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Bushy Tales

Dedicated to all who attended London Central High School in Bushy Park, London England from 1952 to 1962

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Issue #6

 August 2002

Volume #2


Gary Schroeder (55), Editor   gschroeder_uscgaux@email.msn.com

We need YOUR input to carry on.  Any memories you have.... just jot them down and send them to the Editor, Gary Schroeder at the above address.

1953 - Jackie (Brown) Kenny  JKYKNY@aol.com 
1954 – Betsy (Neff) Cote   
1955 – Nancie (Anderson) Weber   
1956 - Glenda F. Drake 
1957 – Celeste (Plitouke) Brodigan 
1958 – Pat (Terpening) Owen 
1959 - Jerry Sandham
1960 - Ren Briggs 
1961 - Betsy (Schley) Slepetz   
1962 - Dona (Hale) Ritchie 
Roster Changes

From Florence Leigh (Faculty)
New email address 

Karen Russelavage Pelzman (60) 
Correct e-mail address

Kelly Ross (59) 
New e-mail address

Thomas Hanton (62)
New e-mail address

Look Who We Found

Edwin L Toone, III (54)
714 Everetts Creek Drive
Wilmington, NC 28411-9364 

William Vance (56)  Kerfoothouse@worldnet.at.net
Kerfoot House
P.O. Box 579
Upperville, VA 20185-0579
(540) 592-3327 

Alex Hannibal (58)  ARHANNIBAL@aol.com  

Jim DeFrees (59) jkiller2945@cox.net 
1302 Audobon Trace
Jefferson, LA 70121

Linda Fulton Julian (59)
2539 Cimarron Drive
New Port Richey, FL 34655-2251

John W. Gums (60)
629 Wintergreen Drive
Purcellville, VA 20132-3282

Julene Church (61) julenems@hotmail.com
El Paso, TX 

Carolyn A. Wittrock Philbin (60) 
45 St. Andrews Way
N. Chelmsford, MA 01863
(978) 455-3455

Robert B. McDonald (61)  MRMacdonald@attbi.com

Lou Ann Sawyer Washing (61)
190 Knickerbocker Road
Pittsford, NY 14534-3036 

Werner J. Sublette (61)
305 Marco Drive
Kirksville,MO 63501-5630
(660) 665-9392 

James L. Wheeless (61)    Deceased per family

Julene Church Suttles (61) julenems@hotmail.com 
8700 Norton Street, Apt 12A
El Paso, TX 79904 

Kathy Holden Love (61)  Kandmicklove@yahoo.com

Cecelia Hurd Gunn (61)  ceciliag2@mindspring.com 

Suzy Lee Babbidge Trahan (62) 
1509 Jennifer Street
Lake Charles, LA 70605-4235 

Michael Flener (62)  Flener@aol.com

Joanna Mumby Gutch (62)
2275 Aquila Avenue
Reno, NV 89509-3804
(775) 322-5646 

Marlin Glenn Phipps (62)    Deceased January 9, 1994 per Social Security Death Records 

Basel A. Wheeless (62) 
7800 Pitter Pat Lane
Austin, TX 75736

Steven Ladd (62)   stevel@tbiplc.co.uk

William Roberts (62)  WROB@mac.com

Make the following change:

Penny Campbell Bumgardner from Penny Bumgardner Campbell (61)

Also for those who have rosters, delete Arthur Wheeless - he and Basel are the same person. 

Good News We Want To Share 

From Rev. Aaron S. Peters, O.S.B. (57)  aaronsheldon@netscape.net

Dear alums all, from the class of '57:  Our own lovely and talented Sherry Burritt Konjura has written a two-act play entitled, "Christmas in Paradise".  It was produced and presented at the Rainbow Dinner Theatre in the Lancaster, PA area this past year.   M. Celeste Plitouke Brodigan and Bill Cooper made the trek up from the D.C. area to see it. Sherry and her husband, Gerry, both starred in it. Sherry was most kind and sent me a tape of the play along with the playbill (which states, "The action of the play takes place in the kitchen of an Amish farmhouse in Lancaster County, PA.) I must say that it is truly hilarious and I haven't had a laugh as good for a long time.  The three couples in the play plus the Amish couple all get information very misconstrued - good clean humor and fun. Congratulations Sherry for a job well done.

Memories of Bushy


From: Donald Miller (54)  donaldm1@comcast.net 

I was one of the BP'ers that was along Liz's coronation parade route.  I camped out in Hyde Park with some other ner-do-well whom I don't remember.  Had a blanket and of course it rained.  Rain started during the night, rained most of the day of the coronation as I recall.  Funny to watch the Brit soldiers who were lining the route, take one step back, pivot, empty rainwater from the barrel of their weapon, and then step back into formation.  All by the numbers, in good British army tradition. 

Thought this picture might bring back some memories for some people.

From Wally Costa (54)  emicosta@tstar.net

Say Snookie, How did you ever manage to find a copy of that old snap of "Sunday Cost Five Pesos"? I thought I burned all copies! Damn, that play launched and ended my acting career in one "swell foop". I remember the first showing for the students went very well and I thought sure enough my destiny was acting. Then when we did it the second time for the parents I drew a complete blank about half way through and forgot my lines. Do you remember? I remember Mr. Poole yelling at the top of his lungs, what I was supposed to say and still it wouldn't come to me. Anyway it took several moments for me to regain my composure and we finished okay, but it also dashed any hopes of me becoming any kind of actor. 

Hope this finds you all healthy and happy and if you are even one half as healthy and happy as I am consider yourself lucky. My Dad, the very same man who took us to England in '52 is now on his way to Calgary Canada in his motor home. He has a new wife twenty years his junior and he is ninety two.  He still does all the driving! Think on it! And we think we're getting old! 

Don't forget. The invitation to all my fellow classmates to come and visit us here in Texas is always open. (Please not all at once!)  We live in a remote area and I can't promise a whole lot of entertainment, but I can tell you the chow is damned good. (My Japanese wife is a wizard in the kitchen!)

We can sure reminisce some, and I can still whip out the ole biplane and show you a grand view of some pretty country. Now if I can just remember where I parked it last! 

From Bob Lyle (54)  Robvlyle@cs.com

Your last newsletter really jogged my memories about the Coronation in 1953 and the S.S.United States. 

The night before the Coronation a group of us camped out along the route of the Coronation Procession in Hyde Park. I can remember Arden Atkinson, Bill Kane and Ken DeGroot who was a friend from New Jersey who was attending an English Boarding School. There were thousands and thousands of people out there. As I recall it was a pretty festive atmosphere but the weather was cool and damp. We had some fairly comfortable space with blankets, food,

drinks, etc. The procession was to go by about noon or early afternoon following the actual Coronation. At about 6:00 am some unknown person or persons made a move for a curbside front row vantage point and the "mob" swiftly reacted by jostling toward the curb. In the course of about 1 minute (at least it seemed that short) we were squeezed together at the curb, 3 or 4 people back from the front, and had to stand there for at least 6 hours waiting for the procession.

I could have gone with my folks to my father's office, which was right on the procession route on Regents Street. His Company threw a big party for employees and families but I was much happier with my friends and all of the thousands who were roughing it in Hyde Park.    

In the summer of 1954, after four years in England, my Father and I sailed back to the United States aboard the S.S. United States. My Mother had flown back earlier in the summer. It was a terrific experience with lots of young folks on board. One thing I remember about the voyage was one day out in the middle of the Atlantic the sea was like a sheet of glass. In all I had made four Atlantic crossings and have been out in the ocean many times since but have never seen anything like this. I last saw the S.S. United States in mothballs at Newport News VA over 15 years ago. We were taking a boat tour around the area and the tour guide pointed out the ship. It was in sad shape then and I am sure it is in much worse shape now. 

Billie (Culp) Bules (54)  BCBules@aol.com 

This is a follow-up to the great story Gary Baldwin wrote for Bushy Tales, regarding the SS United States.  After receiving the web address for the SS United States Foundation, from Gary Baldwin, I wrote the following article for them, about my experiences on that wondrous ship.  I've added names, to make it more interesting for our classmates: 

In October of 1953 my Mother, two brothers and I traveled to England on the SS United States, as military dependents.  My Dad, an Air Force officer, had gone ahead to rent a home and prepare for our living in London, England, where he was stationed. 

I still remember how grand the SS United States ship was and to a sixteen year old it was very glamorous.  My family was quartered in the Cabin Class, and I believe that entire section of the ship was carrying military personnel and dependents.  The staff treated us very well and the service was as good as I've experienced as an adult on cruise ships.  My Mother told us that we could order anything off the menus that we wanted, but whatever we chose, we had to eat.  My 14 year old brother (Gary Culp, class of 1958) wanted to try kippered herring and did so, not appreciating the different flavor, but ate every bite.  I made friends with other teenagers on the ship, one hitch became a lasting friendship (Joyce Ford Williams, class of 1955).  She and I spent a lot of our time on board, acting like teenagers do, trying to dodge the younger kids (like my brothers and her little sisters), having afternoon tea on the deck with the adults, seeing every movie that was shown, and trying to sneak into the First Class Ballroom, to dance.  All unique experiences for an American teenager, which gave me such delightful memories.  I also remember attending a church service on the ship, on Sunday, in the dining room.  The sea was very rough that day and my Mother and I, with our high heels on, had difficulty walking on the deck from our cabin to the dining room. 

We spent 5 glorious days on our journey to Southhampton, England, stopping in LaHarve, France for a few hours.  Recently, a friend and high school classmate (Gary Baldwin, class of 1954) visited Philadelphia and spotted the SS United States, recognizing the unique smokestacks.  He emailed me the web address of the SS United States Foundation and I then read the history of the ship, which was pretty much the way I remembered.  I certainly hope that the efforts to save this ship are successful. 

From Donald H. Crews (59) Dhcrews@juno.com 

Here is a tidbit for the Newsletter. I hope it reminds others of long lost recollections, which they'll share.

Though I am Class of '59, my Bushy Park "experience" was confined to 8th and 9th grades. I was a "townie", and as such, my society was centered, not around classes or dorm, but bus and bus mates. That is where most of my memories lie. So! Here is one recollection. 

Our bus stop was on Finchley Road, north of Golders Green, in the NW11.  It was toward the outermost end of the bus route so my brother, sisters, several neighbors, and I had a pretty long ride. There was a "creamery" (dairy) on the corner and we used to stop in to buy little individually wrapped pies, at 6d a piece. We'd munch these as we walked the half mile or so home in the evening. To this day I'll go out of my way for a taste of Gooseberry pie. 

I see that Nancy Reed (class of '56) was located last December (about two months before you found me). The Reeds were neighbors. Next month I tell a Nancy Reed story. 

From Carl Chatfield (59)  clc18@humboldt.edu 

How great to read Bushy Tales.   I remember the teen club in the basement of the Columbia Club, especially the time someone paid for our dinner when I was on a date with Sandy P. upstairs in the officers club dining room.  We must have been really cute.  Then in the June issue of Bushy Tales, I see the name and e-mail address of Scott McLaughlin, and that, coupled with Lee Beach's name who I would love to talk to but haven't got to it yet (retirement is so busy), made me think of our cycle trip to Bournmouth one Easter Vacation or summer.  Certainly no one but Louise Penfold ever heard the whole story, and of course Johnny Baker and the fifth person on the trip.  The fact that we wound up in the police station giving a deposition regarding a stabbing with a switchblade, is a story that has lasted me a lifetime.  What I was going to address was my arrival in England via the SS Queen Mary instead of the USS United States.  My folks were civilians and my dad felt he should go ahead and find a place for us to live.  Of course it took more than five days and that left me to escort my mother to the second sitting of dinner along with my two younger brothers, the third left to his four-year-old negativism in the first class cabin reveling in the full attention of a nurse. Our crossing was the last without stabilizers.  Our prim dancing in the evenings went from starboard to port and back and forth.  The waiters poured water on the table clothes to keep the glasses from sliding.  The famous people that I was aware of was Allan Villers, Captain of the Mayflower replica (this was July or August, l957) and Raymond Mason, an influential Florida politician.  (Not nearly as exciting as Madge Young (Nickerson), '59, seeing Marlon Brando in the hotel after being rescued from the sinking ship, Lusitanian?)  Anyway, my little brother learned to swim on the Queen Mary on a return trip a couple years later and went on to be an Olympic swimmer in 1972 in Munich.  So much for now, or perhaps too much.  I'll have to find my actual deposition and tell you the Bournmouth story if it is okay with Lee and Scott. 

From Carolyn A. (Wittrock) Philbin (60)   cdphilbin@attbi.com 

My brother, Charles Wittrock, received a letter from you inquiring as to my whereabouts.  I had registered with "Classmates".com about a year ago just to see if I knew anyone and I saw no recognizable names.  First of all, I was a day student so didn't have the close bond with my classmates as those that boarded.  Second of all, quite a few of my friends were in the Munich plane crash.  I've had no contact with anyone from Bushy Park except Sande Paul and that was about 30 years ago.  She had married, divorced and has probably since remarried. 

I haven't checked into "Classmates" in quite some time.  I will check into "Classmates" to see who has been added.  I do thank you for your diligence in trying to find me --- it must be an awesome job trying to find people who are all over the world.  

I do have a "small world" story for you though.  As I said, I haven't seen or heard about anyone from Bushy Park since I left London in 1961.  My husband was a career Army officer and we did the usual moving all over the world bit.  He retired in 1983 and we settled in Andover, MA (just north of Boston) which was close to his hometown of Lowell, MA.  We have 2 daughters, Kim and Lori.  Lori married Chuck Jessico (from Andover) in 1999 and his mother, Christa Wolfe Jessico, is the sister of Yale, Neil (59), Phil, Ed and Joe (55) Wolfe.  I know Neil went to Bushy Park but I'm not sure about the other brothers as the Wolfe's left England the summer we arrived.  It is a very small, small world, isn't it? 

I am Neil and Joe Wolfe's sister.  Neil forwards Bushy Tales to me every month. I was in Mrs. Pinneo's fifth grade class during my last year at Bushy Elementary. In addition to the small world aspect of my son meeting and marrying a girl whose Mom went to Bushy just after my family left England, I have another bit of trivia. Back in 56, I think, there was a contest to name the school newspaper. (At the time, I was chasing a boy named George Foss through bomb shelters on the playground). My Mom (I can't take credit after all these years) suggested Bushy Tales. A couple of other kids also came up with this name (with variations like Bushy Tails, etc.). I won a cuckoo clock, as did the others!!!!!!!!!! I get such a kick out of the fact that 46 years later, your newsletter is still named Bushy Tales (Mom who is about to be 90 reads it from cover to cover...in fact she was just talking about the Russelavages this past weekend. They were good friends) 

From Frank Hannibal (59) Frank1430@aol.com   

I was at Bushy Park from September 1956 until March 1957.  I was a freshman and my brother Alex was a sophomore.  He attended the full year of 1954-55 and through March of 1957.  The memories that stuck in my mind during my short stay at Bushy Park are related to freshmen rush and the panty raids on the girls' dorm.  It must have something to do with hormones.  There was a small TV in the men's lounge that only showed BBC programs which were boring for the most part, educational.  The bus rides from the air base to school and back were very memorable too.  My first 2 1/2 years in England I attended a private English school near the small town of Aleshum in Norfolk County. 

Where Are They?

In this issue we are looking for those we have not found from the Class of 1962.  Some of these may have been found and we are not aware of it.  If you know where any of them are please let us know.

This is the fourth part of the list of who we are looking for in the Class of ’62.


Karen MacQuesten      Ray Millar

Patricia Boyle             Sharon Lee Mincheff

John Markiel                Terri Mitchell

Roger Matthews           Patrick Mooney

Lois McAtee                Florence Moore

John Mc Carthy            John Marasch

Peggy Mc Closkey       Lynn Morehouse

Bernard McGaffigan (I believe he may be deceased)

Leon Mc Ginness         Joy Morgan

Gilbert McKenzie         Charlotte Murray

Jill Mc Leester              Diane Naffziger

Gail Meierdierck           Betty Nagle

Mary Jane Mellinger     Susan Neal

Michelle Mendez          Glenda Newcomb

Marjorie Meredith        James Nichols

Sharon Meyers              Charles Nole

Andrew Mihalik            Kenneth Novak

Nancy Milburn             Robert O'Brien

Kathleen O'Conner       Yvonne Osburn

Steve Otto

Mini Reunions


From Stephen Warner (58) stevewarner5@hotmail.com 

During the last week of April and first week of May 02, a "Brotherhood Reunion" occurred in the home of recently retired Ralston Purina attorney, Al Forsman (59) in St Louis, MO. The "Brotherhood" consists of Al Forsman (59) (wife Greta); Steve Warner (58) (guest, Kathie deRussy (60)); Jeff Warner (60)(wife Gloria). Remainder of Brotherhood:  former English Scouts: Fred & John Campbell & their wives, Jola & Wendy. Another person in attendance was Al's sister, Donna (59). Al & Greta were the hosts and we spent a solid week reliving our days in England during the years 1955-1957. We also took advantage of St Louis visiting the famous Arch, Gateway to the West; a St Louis Cardinal baseball game; traveling up to Mark Twain country, Hannibal, MO; and sneaking down to Fulton, MO to see Westminster College, where Winston Churchill delivered his famous Iron Curtain speech. The Churchill Museum there is excellent. A great time was had by all. 

I would say, Gary, Bushy Tales was instrumental in enabling this small group of Bushy Parkers to get together. Thanks 

From Kathie de Russy (60) der1213@hotmail.com 

April: Wonderful reunion in St Louis, hosted by Al Forsman and his lovely wife, Greta. Attended: Jeff and his wife Gloria, Steve Warner, Donna Forsman, Kathie de Russy, scouting friend from England, Fred Campbell and wife Yola, assorted Forsman children and grandchildren who charmed everyone. It was just fantastic. 

May: Saw Nancy Rumpf Butzer at West Point Bicentennial/Reunion. The event was one of the most memorable celebrations that I have attended in many years. Nancy looks great. She was one of the highlights of the Farewell Banquet evening. Nancy helped to MC a very funny skit. Bravo! 

July: Spent a very tender reunion afternoon with Mr. John Billington and his lovely wife, Doris. They send warm best wishes to everyone from Bushy.  They both are in great spirits and health. They are a very devoted couple who spent 41 years teaching in the Dept. of Defense Dependent Schools network. They attended the DODDS 14th reunion here in Denver. I was lucky enough to catch up with them, they are fast on their feet! 

July:  Hoping to meet with Lamar Parish Robitaille in Fl in a few days. How did she get to be old enough to have children? Can't wait to see the Bushites there. 

Over the past year, I have been fortunate enough to touch base with several friends all via the roster, and Bushy Tales. Thanks, Gary and friends!  Good news shared with: Karen Cottingham Trouvat, John Cooper, Lamar Parish Robitaille, Mike Moorman, the Billingtons, Chuckie Poo Stewart, Jeff and Steve Warner, Tony Taylor, Donna and Al Forsman, Claudia Sobczak Borgeson.

I'd love to hear from anyone else. We all shared a unique, special time together. Don't be afraid to write in to the Tales! 

Mini Bios


From Sherry (Burritt) Konjura (57)  sherger@juno.com 

My husband, Gerry, and I have been in Ft. Myers, Florida for the past 6 weeks playing the leads in the comedy Funny Money at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre.  On our closing night, Saturday, July 6th Steve Warner (Class of '58) drove down from his new home in Tampa to see the show and visit with us.  I hadn't seen Steve in 44 years, so it was wonderful of him to make the trip down. Gerry enjoyed meeting him as did many of the other cast members and friends who were there.  We had a nice little closing night party in the theatre lobby bar after the show and Steve showed around our photos from the '56 and '57 Vaportrails which he had brought along!  Gerry took photos which I will forward on for the newsletter once we get back to Pennsylvania. Steve looks wonderful and we had a great time reliving old times and remembering old friends as well as catching up on where our lives had taken us over the past 44 years.  We both praised the work of you, Gary, as well as that of Pat Owen and Wanda Devary among others in providing avenues for so many of us to "find" each other again.  These efforts of yours have certainly enriched my life immeasurably! 

Our trip down here to Florida was not all as delightful as the visit with Steve.  The weather has been positively perverse and the "Sunshine State" has been inundated with constant rain throughout most of our stay.  But the worst blow was the theft of our car.  We had gone up to Orlando to take in Disney in mid-June when we got a couple of days off.  The car was stolen from right in front of our Motel room door!  The police were absolutely astounded when the car was actually found less than 12 hours later and it was in fixable condition.  It appears that the thieves were looking for anything they could sell for drug money.  The most valuable thing we lost was Gerry's portable ham radio which he carried for emergencies and which was in the trunk.  We feel blessed that the thieves didn't see fit to "torch" the car, which we were told is the normal pattern in order to obliterate finger prints. 

From Fred Buhler (58) ddinmont@oro.net 

We live outside Nevada City, CA (pop 2500).  At 3000 feet, we live in the forest surrounded by Black Oak, Cedar and Pine trees and lots of wildlife. Because we live at the end of a winding dirt road, there is no traffic up here.  In the time we have lived here (and this was written in Oct 2000), we may have had as many as six cars come down our driveway that had lost their way! I served in the Army from 1963-65.  First with the 1st Calvary in Korea, then with a tank battalion at Ft. Irwin, not far from San Bernardino.  When I left the Army in 1965 I went to work for the Bank of America in San Francisco.  A year later we were transferred dot Argentina.  Following that we had assignments in Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Philippines, Virgin Islands, Panama, Miami, Guatemala, London, Madrid and Toronto.  It’s been a bit of a gypsy existence. 

From Allan Tatarian (60) Allantat@hotmail.com 

I am in broadcasting (radio).  Pull the morning drive shift on a Jazz Station (KEZL).  Great gig.  Up at 3:15 am. in the studio by 4:45.  On the air at 5:30 and my day is done by 9:00 am.  Also do free lance voice work for radio and television commercials.  You know.... making people buy things they don't really need.  My job is convincing them they can't live without it. 

Do You Remember 

This was sent to me with the request that I not say who sent it. Does anyone know who the four couples are in the above picture? 


From Carol Bassham (57) dinkydonkey@juno.com 

This and That


From Chico Kieswetter (56)  Kiesy@mindspring.com 

Re:  "Jankers" - here's what I got from an English buddy who's working in NYC.  'Jankers' used to be a term for military prison...i.e., "he's in (got) jankers".


From June McDaniel Kohanek (57)  rjk@open.org

Attention class of 1957 people, especially those who went on the class trip in May, 1957, to Paris...my husband and I wanted to get out of the rain in a wet seaside town in Oregon last Saturday so we went to see the movie BOURNE IDENTITY...I could hardly sit still or keep my voice down when a scene in Paris came on and the street was so familiar and suddenly the name of the hotel (Hotel de la Paix) was shown...that's the hotel where we all stayed while there in '57!!! Still looks the same but the room in the next scene had a bathroom attached and our room definitely did not...we had to go down the hall...I remember also that we had a hard time finding the shower. 

While in London, must have been also spring of '57, my roommates and I went to the Lord Mayor's parade and got caught up in all the fun and finery...We were stationed at Sculthorpe and so were close to Sandringham House and went to church with the royals...the whole family was there but what I remember most was that Princess Anne misbehaved and had to be taken out by her nanny The Princess was later seen walking down the path to get back to the "house" and got a real reprimand from her father Prince Philip!  She must have been about four at the time...Thanks again, Gary, for doing such a great job. June McDaniel Kohanek class of 1957...Proud Bushy graduate. 

From Sherry (Burritt) Konjura (57) sherger@juno.com   

Hi Gary...I just received this from Bill Cooper and I think it merits space in the Newsletter.  As a matter of fact...I wonder how many would be willing to get behind this and vote it our "Official" Alumni Poem??? 


I stood in my father’s old office, and saw that all was grass, and not merely our flesh it seems, for the buildings and walks and streets had fled as well, leaving only the winding, high brick wall, and it so changed that I could not even tell whether its lost main gate was the stuff of dreams. Still, in the everlasting park, the trees stood quiet guard over worthy memories of splendid girls and boys, good women and men, in a world where the lights had just come on again. And here, through the main gate’s fog washed piers, loomed coaches full of youth that had yet to be lost in the careless days and the careful years that lurked, just biding their time, across the sea. But for now we had class, and the long-awaited bell, and holding hands, and necking in the old bomb shelter behind the theatre, and the untold ache of young fingers unclasping in farewell. Back then, with contrails trellising the sky in the sharp spring twilight over London Town, I stood at what passed for attention, across from my father’s still office, lost in the last few bars of retreat, as the fading blue uniforms drew down and caught and gently folded and bore away that banner, brimming with stars, at the end of our day.    W. W. Cooper 22 April 2002 

Comments From You Our Readers


From Diane Drude Clayton (62) Di4SC@aol.com   

Dear Pat and Gary, thanks again for another good read.  I always look forward to our monthly Bushy Tales hoping to find another long lost friend. 

From Noel Ahlbum Bailey (59) bai-ey@juno.com   

Pat, I not only received the July newsletter, I have savored each word. Thanks. I will even send in my own "article" later on this summer/fall once I have visited my Mom and have some time (yea, right!) I do love being in touch, even electronically. Happy Fourth, Noel. 

From Gemma Rettmann (Gamble) (54)  darett@attbi.com   

Snookie called me today and said she read something about my name and address being changed in the newsletter. I looked it over and can't find anything except you somehow dropped my married name Rettmann, and just have Gamble.  My email address is still the same, obviously, or you wouldn't have been able to send it! The notes about the Coronation brought back memories. "Linger longa Queen of Tonga" and sitting in a shoe store on Oxford Street watching the golden coach go by, We spent the month of May driving across the country and back, 8500 miles. One highlight was Gettysburg, what an inspirational place!  Take care, enjoy the summer. 

From Bev Gehrett Wagner (58)   Packrats2@aol.com 

We're not out of the country like Mat Lauer, but safely settled on a Laborers for Christ project in Grand Rapids, MI.  We arrived 6/23 after leaving El Paso on the 15th.  We made a "down memory lane" trip through Ruidoso and Roswell, NM (we married in Roswell, and did many camping-fishing-hunting trips in and around Ruidoso).  We had to get a last taste of good New Mexico Mexican food before leaving the state, too.  Visited friends in Wathena, KS then spent 3 days in Ottumwa, IA (the "home" of Radar O'Reilly on Mash) with my brother and his wife.  The city was sponsoring a hot air balloon rally at the RV Park we were lucky enough to get into, complete with a mini-carnival.  My brother and I rode on the tilt-a-whirl, and laughed ourselves silly.  Bob refused to get on it, as did Mary Lynn - they enjoyed ice cream.  We always enjoy traveling distances across this great land of ours.  The Lord has truly blessed us, from sea to shinning sea.  We had wonderful traveling weather, except for some winds in KS that played havoc with our front awning, will have to get a new one put on sometime. 

From Pat (Terpening) Owen (58)  nemoamasa@worldnet.att.net

Gary - Ran across this note that you'd written me on March 25, 1998 regarding locating classmates - "...that is great.  If we keep going we are going to reach the 150 mark before long."  Wanted to let you know that as of July 11, 2002, we are at the 831 mark.  We've come a long way in locating classmates.   

(Editors Note: Please, if you change your e-mail address (or move) let Gary or Pat know so you can continue to get the newsletter.  Also, if you let us know, we don't get as many rejected e-mail addresses when we send out the letter.  Really appreciate everyone's help on this one.


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