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Bushy Tales

Dedicated to all who attended London Central High School in Bushy Park, London England from 1952 to 1962

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Issue #1

March 2002

Volume #2

Gary Schroeder (55), Editor   gschroeder_uscgaux@email.msn.com

Class Representatives    

1953 - Jackie (Brown) Kenny

1954 – Betsy (Neff) Cote
1955 – Nancie (Anderson) Weber  
1956 - Glenda F. Drake  


1957 – Celeste (Plitouke) Brodigan Mbrodi1939@aol.com
1958 – Pat (Terpening) Owen
1959 - Jerry Sandham 

1960 - Ren Briggs  

1961 - Betsy (Schley) Slepetz

1962 - Dona (Hale) Ritchie  

On the last two newsletters, I mis- numbered them.  January should be Vol. 1 # 11 and February should be Vol. 1 # 12.  March will be Vol 2 #1

 Roster Changes

Cliff Gunderson (Faculty)
New email address.

Donald Miller (54)
New email address,

Robert Phifer (57)

Jerry Hunsicker (56)  
New email address:

Patti Fawbush Webb (58)
New email address

Mary Anne Meeker Brown (60)
New email address:


Look Who We Found

Randy Mohn, (61)

Memories of Bushy

From Pat Ford (61)

I just love reading the newsletter, even though I haven't known anyone who wrote in it so far.  I know it is time-consuming to do this but hope you can keep it up!

Our family went to UK on the SS United States.  My brother, who wasn't born until we returned to the States, has become a member of its fan club and hopes to see the old ship restored.  I think it is a futile hope.

We moved around a lot even in the 2 ˝ years in England.  We were at Lakenheath and RAF Feltwell (East Anglia, near New Market and Mildenhall).  We were in three different houses.  I lived in the girl's annex dorm and went home to Lakenheath on the weekend.  Paula Harrington was my first roommate (hope last name is correct.), and later Ginger (Virginia) Mundorf.   

The newsletter was a great surprise when I fist found it.  I found my picture in the annual on line and jogged my memory a bit. With appreciation for your work on the newsletter.

From Warren Gehrett (56)

Keep up the good work on our Bushy news- letter. I still have a mystic, even a sacred reverence that is filled with memories of some of the best times of my life. And thru you I have become acquainted and renewed


old friendships, which are some of the best I shall ever have after more than forty years. I taught school, junior high, high school and college; My fields were English, Physical Ed. and coached Track, Gymnastics and Volley Ball. Now I’m a weight trainer and Aerobic instructor. We moved from dry panhandle wind sifting through buffalo clouds looking down at golden, red sunsets that move across the sand and mesquite and desert silence...to an Iowa landscape dotted with patched quilts of God’s rich chocolate earth, red barns and blue silos that reach to the sky, like fingers of God’s hands. Friends and people I love are the most cherished of my treasures.  Bushy Park helped to shape my life; and none of you are ever forgotten. You were the best part of my life that ever was.  I love all of you that I ever knew; and to you who came later I wish you God’s blessing.  

Mini Reunions

From Fr. Aaron S. Peters (55)

Just had dinner with Pat (Terpening) Owen  (58) and her husband John in Topeka, KS last evening.  Most enjoyable evening remembering the "good times".  One thing for certain, the issues of “Bushy Tales” do help get us together.  There is a group gathering in Biloxi, MS this month too. Dave Mangold and wife Vivian, Carol (Albert) Yacovone  (both of '57) And Robyn Rudat ('58) will be attending.


Good News We Would Like To Share

From Rev. Aaron S. Peters, O.S.B. (55) aaronsheldon@netscape.net

Congratulations to Martha Gail Kelly and Robert Francis Kelly for 53 years of wedded


bliss. They celebrate on the 7th of  Feb.  Martha taught art at Bushy for many years. 

From Patti Fawbush (58)

Patti (Fawbush) Webb has coauthored her second book. It will be released at the end of March and should be available in bookstores for sure by April.  A Woman's Garden of Prayer by Sarah Maddox and Patti Webb is published by Broadman & Holman. 

Mini Bios

From Jack F. Murphy (57)

My father was a career military man, serving more than 27 hears in the Army Air Corps and Air Force He retired at Homestead Air Force Base in Florida in 1959.

While my dad was in the service I had the opportunity to travel to many countries and through many states in the US. 

I began school at Edgewater High School and stayed there until September 1955, at which time two of my brothers and our mother went to England to join dad at Down Ampney RAF Station. It was at this time that my brother Mike and I entered the dorm at Bushy Park.  We stayed in the dorm until March 1956, at which time dad was reassigned to West Drayton RAF station and we commuted to school by bus. 

After graduation from Bushy Park I spent the next year working in the commissary at West Drayton until dad returned to Homestead Air Force Base in Florida.

In September 1958 I began work as a stock clerk in a wholesale company store in Homestead and worked my way up to the

Assistant Manager's position.  I was in that position for seven months and then I left because of differences between the manager and myself.  I then entered military service in August 1961 and was sent to Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  I attended basic and advanced individual training at Fort Bragg.  I then went on to Airborne School at Fort Benning, Georgia and after graduation was sent to Fort Bragg, North Carolina for Special Forces Training.  I went on temporary duty to Vietnam in December 1963 and returned t Fort Bragg in May of 1964.  I was discharged in July 1964 and returned home and was hired at a hardware store and spent the next nine months there until I was laid off because of little work.  I then returned to military service and returned to Fort Bragg after which I returned on a one year tour to Vietnam in April 1967.   In 1968 I met the woman who was to become my wife and we were married in January 1969.  Our son Paul was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina in January 1970.  I remained at Fort Bragg until May 1973, at which time I was reassigned to a Special Forces unit in Berlin, Germany. 

After a 38 month tour in Berlin I returned to the US and attended the advanced course for my military occupational specialty.  I then went on to my assignment at Fort Devens, Massachusetts.  My wife and I separated in 1978 and she and the boys (Her son by her first marriage and our son) returned to North Carolina.  I returned to Fort Bragg in May of 1979 and remained there until reassignment to The Rhine Valley of Germany where I performed duty as the noncommissioned Officer in charge of an Army Postal Detachment in the 8th Infantry Division.  I returned to Fort Bragg in August 1984 and retired from active duty in April 1985.

After leaving military service I attended Fayetteville Technical Community College


where I attained an Associates Degree in Public Administration.  Eight months after retirement from the Army I was hired for a civil service position at Fort Bragg and remained in civil service until 1996. 

I am active in the Veterans of Foreign Wars and perform duties as a marshal at a local golf course. 

While at Fort Bragg in 1962 I had a chance encounter with one of my classmates Larry Diehl, who also was attending Special Forces training. 

I attended the reunion in Branson, Missouri in September 2001 and had a great time.

Where Are They? 

In this issue we are looking for those we have not found from the Class of 1961.  Some of these may have been found and we are not aware of it.  If you know where any of them are please let us know. 

This is last of the list of who we are looking for in the Class of ’61.

Michael Overstreet     Elizabeth Steuart
Geraldine Pettigrew     Janice Steuben
George Phillips            Elizabeth Stewart
Robin Phillips              Rae Dianne Story
Josephine Pieszak       Werner J. Sublette
John Pletcher              Neil Sunderland
Patricia Plott               Burrus Swayze
John Pratt                   Kathleen Sweeney
Sharon Pritt                Sharon Swim
Patricia Rafferty          David Tate
Barbara Rankin           Karen Thomas
Daniel Reese               Lynne Thompson
Barbara Ricord           Robert E. Thorne
Linda Rigsby               Linda Thornton
Dale Riley                   Charlene Tigrett
Karen Ross                 Cheryl Trahern
Lynn Russell                Susan Carol Van Pelt


Opal Russell                 Lisbeth Vaughn
Betty Sallee                  Joyce Vickers
Gerald Sanderson         Paul Walater
Susan Sanderson          Richard Watson
Sheila J. Sauzek           Carl Weaver
Hugo Schmidt, III        Janice Webb
Clarice Schneider         Jill Weber
Jean Scott                    Janet A. Welch
Lana Scott                    Lawrence Welton
David Sellers                Jo Lyn C. Wheeler
Greer Ann Sells            James Wheeless
Robert Sherman           Boyd B. White
James Sherry                Jack Whitlock
Barbara Sides              Ray Whitlock
Sandra Sides                Marianne Wiggs
Barbara Simpson          John F. Wilbur
Barbara K. Sinclair        Carla Williams
Larry Sittler                  Daniel Williams
Arthur A. Smith            Michael Williams
Walter Smith                Tom Williams
Gary Lee Sorenson       Carolyn Wilson
David Spencer              Patrick Wollaston
William Spradlin            Wendy Woodbury
Sherry Stelly                 John Yatsko
Sherry Stephenson        Anne E. Young Kerr
Sharon Zink

Those deceased from the class of 61 are: 
Stanley Adams – Vietnam, Barbara Baumann, Susan Bess, Janet Bode, James Brett, Martha Burdick, Susan McKown, Conn Milburn, Bonnie Casey and Susan Diehl.

Classmates Who Have Transferred To The Eternal Duty Station  

Our love and prayers go out to the family and friends of our classmates who have gone on before us.  We will miss them, yet we can find comfort in knowing that one-day we will all join them for the greatest of all reunions 

From Lillian (Phillips) Shelton (62)

My brother, Robin Phillips, died last October.  He would have been class of '63 (we left London in Dec. of 1960) he had lots of friends in both schools. 

Tony Taylor (58)

I am sorry to announce that my very dear friend, Sally (Stanton) Bernsdorff,'60, passed away June 29th after a 2-year battle with breast cancer.  I would like to think that she passed away having lived a full and vibrant life, and did a wonderful job raising her sons.  Before her death her two sons were able to let her know that one was about to become a father, and the other had just become engaged ...things that brought her peace in her final days.  I know she would have rather been around to see these events take place, but we can take comfort in knowing that she is watching over her sons and their families and guiding them through her loving spirit. Sally also left behind
Her dear husband, Bob Bernsdorff, whom many of us knew in London where they first met as young teenagers.  Sally Stanton was a very special person to me.  When I was a senior at Bushy Park, Sally was a Sophomore. We rode the bus together from Knightsbridge, and Sally usually sat next to me as I would refer to her as my "sis." After I left London in the summer of '58 to return to the States in preparation for entering the Naval Academy, we kept in touch by letter, Christmas cards, phone calls, and later, e-mails for the next 40 years. 

I remember one time in the mid-60s when I was stationed on a ship in Norfolk receiving my first phone call from Sally. She was an airline hostess and had a layover in Richmond when she decided to call. Suddenly she was grown up, but she was still my little sister.  It was later that she and Bob became married and settled down in

Columbus, OH, where she lived the rest of her days. 

A few years ago Gitta and I hosted a Bushy Park mini reunion in our home in Reston, VA.  Although the original thought was that we could only expect former students who lived in the immediate vicinity of Virginia, Maryland, and DC, we were delighted to find that some came from as far away as Texas. 
But the most special person to show up was Sally.  She flew into Dulles Airport, took a taxi to our home in time for the party, and then departed to fly home that same day. I had not seen her since those last days in London in 1958, but when I saw Sally that day, she was not only a beautiful woman, but radiant person.  Her being there was the highlight of my day, and I regretted then more than ever that I had not made more of an effort to visit her and Bob in their home long before this occasion. 

I do know that a few years before Bob and Sally took their sons to London and they visited the site where Bushy Park had once been. totally by coincidence my classmate, Chuck Stewart, sent me a photo this week taken at the American Teenage Club (TAC) in London, at a Halloween party in October of '57. At the far left of the photo is a partial shot of the sweet face of Sally Stanton.  I miss you, Sis. I never really had a sister of my own in our family, but if ever anyone wished to have a sister, Sally would have been the best. I love you...may you rest in peace.

Do You Remember 

I have received the following concerning the 5 addresses in the February issue.  That leaves 4 still unidentified.  I know we can do better than this.  Think back now and let me hear from you.

From Karen (Cottingham) Trouvat (60)


Address  number three -- Altwood House, that was me.  I believe I was the only Bushy kid living in Maidenhead, at least in my time. There were about four of us using the coach stop at Skindles Restaurant by Maidenhead bridge on the Thames.

From there, I remember, we picked up John Cooper and Eugene Poor -- two of my pals -- in Datchet, near Windsor.

Living 30 miles from London, it wasn't easy to get in to Town for weekend morning flicks at the American Embassy (anyone remember the Venice Bar?) and TAC events, so I was a frequent flyer on the train between Maidenhead and Paddington Station. I wish I could still run as fast as I used to catch that last train home...

On especially busy weekends, I often stayed in London with Lamar Parish and her family. Lamar and her sister Windy are surely well remembered.

Who can identify the place and people in the picture that follows ?


And now for the pictures on pages 4 & 5 of the last Newsletter, so far I have received the following:

Sam Myers (54)
Ref: picture on page 5 - it looks to me like "Tish" DeVaughn, younger sister of Lani DeVaughn who was a graduating member of 1954. I think Tish was a freshman then.

Dave Mangold (57)

Gary, belatedly I have been reading our Feb newsletter and was tempted to try to solve our old address puzzle. My memory isn't as it once was but here goes:  #1. Al and Donna Forsman. 59. #3 Karen J. Cottingham 60.   #5 Fred Gruin 58. I haven't a clue about #s 2 and 4! 3 out of 5 ain't too bad!  Actually, my handy dandy 56-57 CHS Student Directory which we published my Senior year helped a little bit!  I'm really enjoying the newsletters and we appreciate all of the time and work that you put in to it!! Thanks Gary.

From Pat Terpening Owen (58) nemoamasa@worldnet.att.net

Connie Newlin Drennon (60) wanted to identify those in the picture on page 4 of the February issue of "Bushy Tales".  I can identify the third person from the left, in the middle row - it's my sister, Marty Terpening Freedman (59).

Also thank you Connie for reminding me of our bus number - I couldn't remember what it was.  Do remember some of the people who rode it with us - Darby Grimes (60); Terry Hays (59); Sandy Pillit (59); Susan Sweeney (58) and her brother Douglas Sweeney (59). 

From Ellis E. Young (58)

I live in Oklahoma City, OK.  Yes I remember the camp. I was an assistant camp counselor there in the summer of 1956. I was 16.  My Dad was stationed at Fairford and West Drayton. We lived in Staines, which is some 5 miles from the airport. I married an English girl, (41 years now) and been back for visits some twenty times.  I am retired from the FAA and the Army National Guard. 

This and That 

From Dave Mangold (57)

Hi Gary, wanted to touch base with you on putting word in the next newsletter about a T-shirt designed and embroidered for me by my wife, Vivian.  I am attaching two photos of it. She originally took my logo design and embroidered it on a shirt for me to wear to Biloxi. 

I am getting a positive response from many who will be at the Biloxi, MS reunion this month.  Pat (Terpening) Owen saw it, ordered one and thought that this might be an item for all via our newsletter. What say you??
By way of description of the logo on the attached shirts, the lettering and shield is silver gray; the flag colors are apparent, as are the colors of the eagle, talons, etc. Her embroidery is on either a Pluma or Hanes 50-50 shirt, sizes fro sm, med, lg, xlg, xxlg. The Pluma shirt tends to run somewhat larger then the Hanes. Price is $35.00 plus $6.00 shipping/handling. Let me know what you think.


From Tony Taylor (58)

I just came across a "Handbook 1956-57" for Central High School. It includes the military command, admin, faculty, and dorm staff organizations. Other chapters include "A Code for the Good Citizen of the American High School," how the school is operated, school accreditation, knowing your way around the school, courses and credits, honors and awards, and things to know, etc. If anyone is interested in a photocopy of this handbook, drop me a line at anthonyrt@aol.com 

Betsy (Neff) Cote (54)

I had a note from Snookie Garrison Mayo and she said that they were going to the Olympics - wonder who else might be going.  Also she said that Gary Baldwin's wife Ruth Ann had broken her leg before Christmas but was doing well now.  I wonder how they like New Jersey after Texas?  My husband is doing ok after operation but it takes time to get over the adjustment.  Good thing he is so interested in his genealogy work on the computer.  We


are having a great winter.  As the snow is so scarce I am not called on to shovel while he is recuperating.

Look Who's Looking for Who

From Gretchen Starr

My mother is Frances Dilley, who attended Bushy Park School around 1958.  You do have her correctly listed as deceased.  I have very little information or photographs of her during this time in her life. 

It sounds like you have a reunion planned. 
If anyone would have any pictures that they would be willing to copy for me, I would gladly pay them.  Also any good stories about her - although no one could tell a story like she could! 

Gretchen Starr
244 Sterling Drive
Holland, MI  49423
(616) 393-2067

Comments From You Our Readers

From Bill Bailey (58)

Hey, this newsletter is better than sliced bread.  Because it is specific to Bushy Park, it is great.  Keep going.

From Carol (Albert) Yacovone (57)

Think you are doing a wonderful job, really need to dig out some old photos...enjoyed the note from Ms. Kelly...we found each other some 10 years plus ago at the Houston reunion.  Missed Branson but plan on being at the mini reunion in Gulfport this Feb. with long time best friend Robyn (Rudat)


Allen and others I have not seen in years.  This is such fun for all of us old "Cats"

From Tony Taylor (58)

Another great newsletter...thanks!  By the way, the greatest service your newsletter brings to us is a reason to get on the phone or Internet and send a letter to classmates whom we have not spoken to in 30-40+ years. Just last week I received a long e-mail with photos from Chuck Stewart (58) which I passed on to other friends and classmates who knew Chuck.  Even today I got an e-mail from Kris (Ludlow) Ravitz and Fred Gruin, both of '58. I will send one of the photos along for your next issue.  This photo should be "Do you know these people?" The photo was taken at the American Teenage Club (TAC) in London during a costume party in October '57. Everyone, except the chaperone behind the bar, was a student at Bushy Park.

From Patricia Owen (58)

On the anniversary of the first year of publication of "Bushy Tales", I would like to thank Gary Schroeder for all the time and effort he's put into making this such a great publication.  Since the attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, Gary has been extremely busy with his volunteer work with the US Coast Guard Auxiliary, putting in many, many hours, and still finds the time to publish the newsletter each month.  I've thoroughly enjoyed reading it and look forward to seeing the finished product each month

The first issue of "Bushy Tales" was sent to about 50 alumni of those who attended Bushy Park from 1953-62.  As more and more students were located, the distribution increased to about 400 classmates in


September 2001.  Currently about 500 are receiving the newsletter via e-mail each month.

Of the approximately 2200 students who attended Bushy Park from 1953-62, about 800 have been located; of these 77 are deceased.  This is a long way from 1996 when we started.  Our roster of students located has gone from 8 pages to 33 pages.  Pat Terpening Owen - Class of 1958

From Lillian (Phillips) Shelton (62)

Though my memory is faulty and I can't recollect many fellow students from Bushy Hall and Bushy Park (1957-1961) I do enjoy reading about the times we shared, all those years ago - the teen club, riding on the top of the busses, fog days, field trips to Paris with the French Club, and visiting the television set of "Robin Hood" at Shepperton Studios, way under the ground - even Uncle Sam providing a taxi for us to get to Bushy Hall because the lanes in Loudwater (outside Rickmansworth, Herts.) were too narrow!  Recently finished Sarah Bird's “The Yokota Officers Club”.  Although the novel is written about an Air Force family during the Vietnam War, stationed in Okinawa -- the theme of "military dependant perspective" is very real and resonant.  Sort of a Pat Conroyesque account --with more humor and less edge.

From Carl Chatfield  (59)  

I know how hard it is to keep up with a project this large.  I am continually surprised with the immediacy of the stories that appear in Bushy Tales. Keep up the good work and keep me on the list:



From Alec Pool (62)

Regarding Stonehenge Camp...
I got a nice note from Doug Eskra about my short piece in the Dec BT. I still have some MPC, a 25 cent note and a 10 cent note, from the series used while I was there and another note from an earlier series.  Should I have them scanned for a coming BT?

From Doug Eskra (60) 

Don't know you, never met you but enjoyed your contribution to Dec.'s newsletter. Should have guessed you were an MBA before you revealed yourself. For such an enterprising young man it was inevitable. Ha! I had almost forgotten about MPC's. Thanks for jogging my memory.  Perhaps we'll meet some day at one of the reunions. Think good thoughts....

More in the next issue.

From the editor:  
Since this is the Anniversary issue, it is an appropriate time to give thanks and credit to those that inspired all we have done, and who do so much to see that we all stay connected after all these years.

First and foremost, unending and grateful appreciation to Charlie Andrews (56) (deceased) who was the inspiration for the roster, this newsletter, and the Web Site that is maintained by Wanda (Castor) De Vary (60).  Like Wanda I found Charlie’s Web Site (Commobunker) by accident one day while surfing the net.  All that we have now is the result of that accidental find.  Charlie used his web site and expertise to help find and contact others of our group.  He not only helped all this come about, he was the inspiration for all of it.  He is sorely missed.  


My sincere appreciation to Nancie (Anderson) Weber (55) for all the help and encouragement when I first started this Newsletter.  She kept me on the straight and narrow and inspired me to keep going.  

Many thanks and appreciation to Wanda (Castor) De Vary (60) for all the hard work and time she puts in maintaining the Web Site and keeping it up to date.  Folks, it takes a lot of work to keep it up to date with all the updated information and the posting of the newsletters.  And thanks to Bob Harrold (60) for hosting the Web Site on his server.  There is no way we could afford to have a site this big with so many pictures.  

And least I forget, many, many thanks to Pat (Terpening) Owen (58) for all the many long and hard hours she has spent on finding people, keeping up with and sending me the corrections for the Roster, and for finding all my errors in the Newsletter before I send it out to all of you.  

These are the people that do so much to keep us all together after we have found each other again after all these years.  Those years in England were very special and all of you are very special.  No one else can know or share what we had there, we are a unique group and I would not change a minute of our time together for anything in this world.  So this is why I wanted to thank those that have done so much to keep us all together.

Now For A Little Humor

Terry Ennis (60)

I started this on December 1 - It's for those of us getting on in years.  I thought I would let you, my friends, in on a little secret I've found for building my arm and shoulder muscles. You might wish to adopt this regimen -- 3 days a week works well.


I start by standing outside behind the house and, with a 5 pound potato sack in each hand, extend my arms straight out to my sides and hold them there as long as I can.

After a few weeks I moved up to 10 pound potato sacks, then 50 pound potato sacks and finally I got to where I could lift a 100 pound potato sack in each hand and hold my arms straight out for more than a full minute.  Next, I started putting a few potatoes in the sacks, but I would caution you not to overdo it at this level.

From Wanda (Castor) DeVary (60) mumszie@earthlink.net

This was sent by a classmate who thought I might find it interesting. I thought you might too.

As the clock ticks over from 8:01PM on Wednesday, February 20th, 2002, time will (for sixty seconds only) read in perfect symmetry. To be more precise: 20:02, 2/20, 2002. It is an event that has happened only once before, and is something which will never be repeated. The last occasion that time read in such a symmetrical pattern was long before the days of the digital watch (or the 24-hour clock): 10:01AM, on January 10, 1001. And because the clock only goes up to 23.59, it is something that will never happen again.

Editors Note:  When any of you change email addresses we need to know as soon as possible.  If we don’t have your new address we can’t put the correction in the Newsletter.  Also, without the new email address I will not be able to send you future copies of the Newsletter.


Don’t’ forget to check the Guest Book on the Bushy Park web site at:

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